The Gift of Electronic Cigarettes

I’ve always been a smoker, I never thought that the day would come when I didn’t smoke, but then I met a beautiful girl. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman. Five minutes after meeting her, I knew that I had found the woman that I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

There was just one problem, but it was huge.

The love of my life was not a smoker. This would have been a big obstacle to overcome. I’d dated a few non-smokers in the past and knew how tricky things tended to get. I usually had to make sure that I never smoked in front of them, but even than they could still smell the cigarette smoke on me.

The girl I’d just fallen in love with was going to be even worse. One of the reasons she’d never been tempted to take up smoking was because she had severe asthma. I suddenly lived in fear that the lingering smell of cigarette smoke on my clothing would trigger and asthma attack and that I would be responsible for sending her to the hospital. I knew I couldn’t live with that. I was going to have to give up my cigarettes.


I tried to quit smoking, I really did. Every single day I stuck a nicotine patch onto myself and I made sure that I had plenty of nicotine gum on hand, but it just wasn’t the same thing. I was very happy in my new relationship but there were times that I found myself wishing for a cigarette. I don’t even think that I missed the nicotine, as much as I missed the simple sensation of smoking.

Then, last year for Christmas, my girlfriend, who was about to become my fiancée, gave me the most unexpected Christmas gift. At first glance it looked like a cigarette. She quickly explained that it was an electronic cigarette. She went on to tell me that even though I could use the best electronic cigarettes just like the real cigarettes I gave up when I met her, that it produced a water vapor instead of smoke. Not only was the water vapor odorless, but it didn’t seem to affect her ability to breathe. She and her friends had experimented. Not only did her friends blowing the vapor in her direction not trigger an asthma attack, but my girlfriend even puffed on an electronic cigarette and didn’t have any trouble breathing.

I don’t use the electronic cigarette a lot, just when I need to think, but I do keep it charged and tucked into my pocket. I like having it close to me because every time I see it I know just how much I am loved.

New Designs for Outdoor Ashtrays

Wall mounted ashtrays are unique and provide a different design than your average ashtray. These ashtrays are referred to as standalone ashtrays by some. The features seen within wall mounted ashtrays are in some ways similar to the features seen in Bollard ashtrays and in standard ashtrays. The one feature seen in these ashtrays that makes them so unique is that they are designed to be mounted on a wall, another even more unique feature that can be found in some is that they have padlocks on them. The purpose of placing a padlock on some of these ashtrays is to reduce the risk of them getting vandalized.

One of the benefits associated with using these ashtrays is that it helps decrease the amount of litter seen that comes with smoking, but sometimes even when these ashtrays are used litter can still be a problem. The reason why litter can still be a problem is because of individuals that want to be destructive and vandalize hence the reason why some of these ashtrays have been designed with padlocks. This way the trash that is seen is at its bare minimum and the occurrences of messes is far and in between. Some places have laws in place regarding smoke areas and their appearance, which is another reason why wall mounted ashtrays are such a good idea.

Wherever they are present it is almost a guarantee that the area around them will be cleaner and clutter free. Wall mounted ashtrays can be found in different sizes as well as colors. The costs associated with obtaining such an ashtray depends on like everything else the style that is chosen and where it is purchased. Wall mounted ashtrays make both smokers and non smokers happy because it keeps everything clean. With a wall mounted ashtray individuals will have no problem following the litter compliance within their area. The additional bonus that can be enjoyed by businesses is that the image of their business can remain clean and inviting to potential customers. Consumers will judge a company a lot of the time by its physical appearance both inside and outside.

Manchester Place Portage,WI

The newest Portage, WI apartments have been completed and sold to an investment group.  A large, 73 unit building comprised of three stories and quality setting design is now leasing their last units.  Units are open for lease to anyone with good credit and a good rental history.

Manchester was started in 2008 and completed this spring.  It has raised the bar for quality apartments in Portage, WI.  These are the top end rentals around.  Some of the features include:

ü      Washer & Dryer in Every Unit

ü      Two bedroom units feature two baths

ü      Large open kitchens with dishwashers & disposals

ü      One underground parking spot with each unit

ü      Huge gathering room

ü      On Site manager

ü      Cable is included in rent

ü      Heat is included in rent

They are running move in specials through August according to their most recent flyers and sounds like space is limited.  Reserve your unit today.  Rent an Apartment in Portage, WI.

A New Way to Make Money Online

Everyone is looking for ways to make money online.  People spend hours taking paid surveys or reading paid emails, only to bring home sheer pennies for the hours of their time invested.  There are online based secret shopping clubs and dozens of other similar offers where companies give you small payments for your searches or your loyalty online.  Most of these online money systems are not worth your time as the earnings will be so mild and slow that you will hardly even be able to see a dent made in your financial well being.  Surprisingly, the one place where you might be able to make some extra money is the last place most people think to look.

Online casinos offer people the opportunity to unwind at the end of a long, hard day while playing some fun casino games that they already know and love.  If you have ever participated in a game of roulette, black jack or bingo online, you know that these games can be a lot of fun!  You can make new friends while playing these games and it lets you sit back and shed some of the stress from a day at work.  Now you can make money by playing games online.  When you visit a casino online, such as EuroGrand Casino or Virgin Casino, you will have the opportunity to play for cash and prizes.

I know what you must be thinking.  Won’t it cost you money to play these casino games?  The answer is surprising.  No!  If you know how to find the right websites and you read UK casino reviews, you can actually play for free, at least at first.  Most of these sites will offer no deposit online casino promotions where you can play with no money down.

You don’t have to spend hours reading pointless emails or taking endless surveys just to make a quick buck.  Instead, read a few online casino reviews to find out which websites will give you the best chance of hitting it big.  Then log in and try your luck at your favorite casino game.  You can play one or play them all.  The only rule is to enjoy your games and play responsibly.  If you actually win some money in the process, it’s all worth your time!

Seiko Watch Company

Seiko, meaning exquisite or success, is the name of a premiere timepiece corporation that is renowned across the world. This Japanese based company was officially founded in 1924 and has remained at the top of their game ever since. They were the first to introduce the quartz watch to society. They also later were the first to introduce the chronograph. Since, they have commonly held a major position in a variety of areas including the Olympics where their timepieces have been used. Their evolved technology has been at the forefront of timepieces and a variety of other applications including electronics. Today, they set trends and produce a large range of watches that are admired by all.

The Seiko Watch Corporation composed a large variety of watches ranging drastically in how they are powered, the functions they offer, and their prices as well. They make spring drive watches, kinetic models, and a variety of battery powered timepieces. The battery models are common among consumers and provide continuous use for years without needing replacement batteries. The kinetic models are also known as automatic models that are powered off of motion. In 2005, Seiko introduced the spring drive watch. They are only producing a limited number of these watches per month and they retain a high price tag. This spring drive technology implements the kinetic functions combined with nanotechnology to transmit electrical impulses to an oscillator that regulated the wheels to a more precise time. This not only increases accuracy but endurance as well.

Seiko watches contain a wide variety of features that are designed for protection, convenience, and diversified use. Protection of valuables is obviously of utmost importance. This is why they have developed scratch resistant faces. Shockproof is another element of great importance due to the large potential of risk during wear. Waterproofing is excellent for protection and provides a means for utilizing timepieces under water in events such as diving. The date and calendar are also helpful additions that are often thought after when choosing a watch.

Seiko watches embody class, sophistication, and ultimate precision. They have products for the average consumer all the way to luxurious timepieces for the extremely wealthy. They have casual watches, dive watches, flight watches, dress watches, and everything in between. Prices range from about $50 all the way to well over $100,000.

One particular renowned aspect of Seiko is that all of their watches are completely constructed in their factories. This is quite exceptional because very few manufacturers entirely compose all components of their watches themselves.

They even have a line of watches under the name, Pulsar. This is an extensive consumer line of products for both women and men. This is a popular brand across the USA and Europe. Their watches are detailed to precision and offer value, class, and much more.

Overall, Seiko offers unparalleled quality when it comes to timepieces. They have a tremendous amount of experience and hold a high reputation. If you are looking for a watch, Seiko products offer supreme precision, many extensive features, and their exquisite designs will continuously turn heads for years to come.  You can even buy a replacement Seiko Watch Band.

Getting the Most Out of Online Bingo Bonuses

When it comes to the advantages of online bingo over a more traditional bingo hall, the bonuses and incentives available online are one of the major drawing points. While these are offered as a way to attract more players to these types of websites, they can benefit the player dramatically. Where it is completely possible to double your gambling budget using online bingo bonuses, these incentives need to be used responsibly to dramatically increase the length of your play.

Every online bingo website, even Posh Bingo, will offer a “new player” deposit bonus and it will usually double a players “bank roll,” and in some cases the percentage of the bonus can more than double.  In rare cases, the bonuses will triple the amount that is deposited. There are always rules and regulations attached to these bonuses and there may even be a maximum allowable amount for each website. There may even be certain goals that have to be met before the funds will be released. It is always a good idea to read the fine print before you make your first deposit.

A quality online bingo referral website is a great asset when trying to compare the different bonuses and incentives available. Through the different reviews that the website will list, they will outline the major bonuses that are available along with a summary of the different requirements that might be in effect. Even with certain restrictions attached to a bingo bonus, they are a wonderful way for the savvy players to greatly extend their length of play and shift the odds in their favor. Once you have decided on the best website for your personality and gaming skill, then there is only one thing left to do and that is enjoy the game.

Beyond Quitting Cold Turkey – What’s in It for You?

You have made the important decision of quitting smoking and have set the date for the big day.  You truly want to stop but are afraid to fail.  Many friends and family have gone thru this and you are a bit discouraged, even when you have not start yet.  The failures of others have diminished your confidence.  Maybe this is the wrong approach.   Stop looking at what others could not do, and find the reason why you want to quit smoking – your why, the what’s in it for me?

Here are some reasons to help you find your why.

Health reasons – Not only will you prevent heart and lung disease, and many other unpleasant physical effects of smoking, such as tooth decay, bad breath …  and many others, but you will have clear thinking, and will not be behind the curtain of smoke anymore.

Family health – Second hand smoke is very harmful to those around it.  Therefore, by quitting smoking you will be contributing to the health of your family, friends, and society in general.

You will be chemical free –  There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes.  Many of those are used in poison, arsenic, wood paint …. This should be a good reason not to put that stuff inside your body.

Physical appearance –  Your skin will look better and you will avoid the fine lines and wrinkles that form around your mouth and eyes from the habit of smoking.  You and “your environment” will smell better too.

Your level of energy will increase as you start breathing better.  This will open a window of opportunity to do other activities that you wanted to do before but just did not have the energy.

Self esteem boost – You will find that you have what it takes to be in charge and in control of your body and health.

You will save a considerable amount of money by not having to buy those expensive packs of cigarettes.  Use the money to buy something you really wanted but could not afford before – that is a reward.

You will have more time –  the time that you spent smoking or going to buy cigarettes is now free for you to do anything you want and enjoy.

Socialization – Other people who may have been turned off by your smoking may want to socialize with you now.  Some people get sick by just smelling the odor associated with smoking, others get cough, or even asthma, triggered just by the lingering odor.  A person that you thought was a snob may become a good friend, just because now he/she does not get sick when near you.

These are only a few reasons to find your why, but there are many others and you will be able to come up with more.  The important issue here is to find your why.

Travelling with a Pet

Traveling With Your Pet

Pets are like family and when you travel, you would like to take them with you right?  Well, in many cases you can.  There are however some safety concerns to be aware of for both you and your four-legged friend.  Wherever you end up going with your pet, getting to and from your destination safely is a concern.

If staying in a hotel is on your list of things to do while traveling, be sure to do some research as to what hotels are pet friendly along your route.  There may be some restrictions as to the type of pet and how large of a pet you can take along with you. There may be some associated fees as well.  The more knowledge you have, the better you will be in selecting where to go and where to stop along the way.

Not that you want anything to happened to your pet while traveling but, it is a good idea to gain some knowledge as to where the closest veterinarian hospital would be to your hotel or final destination.  Should something occur, you don’t want to waste time trying to find out.  I suggest you have the names and locations of at least three within your visiting area. Keep these numbers close with your other important papers so that they can easily be found in an emergency.

If you’re traveling outside the continental United States, an up to date Rabies vaccination is a must.  Not only to allow your pet to leave the states but, also to return.  Check with the airline you plan on using to see their requirements for taking your pet onboard.  Also get a complete printout from your pet’s veterinarian of the shots given to date.

When you decide to hit the open road and take your pet with you, you have a few more options but, the safety for you and your pet rises as well.  It is always best to have your pet in a carrier.  Be sure to also have that carrier securely fastened with a seatbelt.  Forgetting to do this can result in harm to both you and your pet.  There is also the heightened potential to harm anyone else on the road.  If you pet is sitting in your lap, STOP and place the pet in a carrier.  It is never a good idea to drive while allowing your pet to sit in your lap or anywhere near the gears needed to drive your car.  Because we lose focus and we are easily distracted by our pet, keep them in the back seat where both you and your pet will be safer.

I should also take this time to advise you not to keep your pet in a hot car at any time.  Even though you may think it is a minute, that is all it takes for the temperature in your car to rise to dangerous levels.  Your car’s windshield acts much like a greenhouse.  Warm in comes in and has no place to go.  It just keeps building up and as a result, things get hot quickly.  Because of this dangerous rise in temperature, your dog or cat can suffer or even die of heatstroke.  If you must leave your pet in the car, try not to take your pet with you during hotter weather where you would be forced to leave your pet unattended in your car. Also, be sure to crack at least two of your windows no less than 2 inches to allow for air to circulate in your car. When we act responsibly in the care of our pets while traveling, it makes for a better and more pleasant trip for all involved.

Christmas Party Decoration Hints

If you are the kind of person who likes their guests to enjoy themselves, you might be concerned about how to make your Christmas party stand out from the crowd.  The elements of a successful party are numerous and widely varied. The best way to set the atmosphere for your Christmas party is with the decorations.  The idea is not to go overboard with the Christmas theme. Rather, decorate with a few favorite Christmas decorations (include your tree as a part of the decorations) and then focus the rest of the decorations on ‘decoration’ rather than on Christmas.

You can throw Christmas themed confetti all over the place but especially around the food serving area. You can find confetti with Santa’s reindeer or perhaps with snowmen to delight your guests. Put static cling Christmas stickers on windows and any other smooth surface they will stick to. They do no harm, have no adhesive and simply peel off after the party. Streamers in metallic Christmas colors send light reflecting in wonderful patterns to dazzle your guests.

Red, green and white balloons can be scattered everywhere. You can combine helium-filled balloons with air-filled ones so that you end up with balloons at all levels.  If there will be children present, why not decorate with helium reindeer balloons? Be careful of air drafts or your reindeer might really fly away.

It is very easy to find tableware in Christmas colors and wintry themes. Any sort of tableware is available in Christmas colors or themes, from centerpieces to favors and forks to napkins. You don’t have to go completely overboard with Christmas themed décor, but your guests are certain to remember your party more if you do.