New Designs for Outdoor Ashtrays

Wall mounted ashtrays are unique and provide a different design than your average ashtray. These ashtrays are referred to as standalone ashtrays by some. The features seen within wall mounted ashtrays are in some ways similar to the features seen in Bollard ashtrays and in standard ashtrays. The one feature seen in these ashtrays that makes them so unique is that they are designed to be mounted on a wall, another even more unique feature that can be found in some is that they have padlocks on them. The purpose of placing a padlock on some of these ashtrays is to reduce the risk of them getting vandalized.

One of the benefits associated with using these ashtrays is that it helps decrease the amount of litter seen that comes with smoking, but sometimes even when these ashtrays are used litter can still be a problem. The reason why litter can still be a problem is because of individuals that want to be destructive and vandalize hence the reason why some of these ashtrays have been designed with padlocks. This way the trash that is seen is at its bare minimum and the occurrences of messes is far and in between. Some places have laws in place regarding smoke areas and their appearance, which is another reason why wall mounted ashtrays are such a good idea.

Wherever they are present it is almost a guarantee that the area around them will be cleaner and clutter free. Wall mounted ashtrays can be found in different sizes as well as colors. The costs associated with obtaining such an ashtray depends on like everything else the style that is chosen and where it is purchased. Wall mounted ashtrays make both smokers and non smokers happy because it keeps everything clean. With a wall mounted ashtray individuals will have no problem following the litter compliance within their area. The additional bonus that can be enjoyed by businesses is that the image of their business can remain clean and inviting to potential customers. Consumers will judge a company a lot of the time by its physical appearance both inside and outside.

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