The Gift of Electronic Cigarettes

I’ve always been a smoker, I never thought that the day would come when I didn’t smoke, but then I met a beautiful girl. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman. Five minutes after meeting her, I knew that I had found the woman that I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

There was just one problem, but it was huge.

The love of my life was not a smoker. This would have been a big obstacle to overcome. I’d dated a few non-smokers in the past and knew how tricky things tended to get. I usually had to make sure that I never smoked in front of them, but even than they could still smell the cigarette smoke on me.

The girl I’d just fallen in love with was going to be even worse. One of the reasons she’d never been tempted to take up smoking was because she had severe asthma. I suddenly lived in fear that the lingering smell of cigarette smoke on my clothing would trigger and asthma attack and that I would be responsible for sending her to the hospital. I knew I couldn’t live with that. I was going to have to give up my cigarettes.


I tried to quit smoking, I really did. Every single day I stuck a nicotine patch onto myself and I made sure that I had plenty of nicotine gum on hand, but it just wasn’t the same thing. I was very happy in my new relationship but there were times that I found myself wishing for a cigarette. I don’t even think that I missed the nicotine, as much as I missed the simple sensation of smoking.

Then, last year for Christmas, my girlfriend, who was about to become my fiancée, gave me the most unexpected Christmas gift. At first glance it looked like a cigarette. She quickly explained that it was an electronic cigarette. She went on to tell me that even though I could use the best electronic cigarettes just like the real cigarettes I gave up when I met her, that it produced a water vapor instead of smoke. Not only was the water vapor odorless, but it didn’t seem to affect her ability to breathe. She and her friends had experimented. Not only did her friends blowing the vapor in her direction not trigger an asthma attack, but my girlfriend even puffed on an electronic cigarette and didn’t have any trouble breathing.

I don’t use the electronic cigarette a lot, just when I need to think, but I do keep it charged and tucked into my pocket. I like having it close to me because every time I see it I know just how much I am loved.